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We are certified by the Agency for Health Care Administration
” Our great staff here strives to provide the best care to for a quality life. “
Yovany Abreu,
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Oversee the designing and implementation of the program for your child

Implements the measures, assessments, procedures, and interventions set out by the analyst

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Our staff goes above and beyond, so you can always reach out to us. We are here to help

When it comes to having something exciting to look for, few things do the trick as well as a hobby. Activities that stimulate and grow the critical thinking and social IQ 

Dedicated and passionate Behavior Technicians provide personal care on a day to day bases. Ensuring improvements in behavior and quality of life

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Considering and improving living spaces to further the comfort for your child, making it easier for them to live a great day to day life

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Our mission is to provide the best services.

Someone who has disabilities might find the world overwhelming. We want to help children who struggle with responding to both the simple and complex aspects of life. We strive to see the way they see the world and come up with methods to help them face their challenges and live a life with happy hearts.

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Our behavior technicians respond every time with a big warm smile.
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Benefits of Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy an uphold kids with their social ability improvement. In the first place, it can help show abilities like coordinating with feelings to appearances

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Benefits of Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy an uphold kids with their social ability improvement. In the first place, it can help show abilities like coordinating with feelings to appearances

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