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About Us

At Abreu Quality Care, Inc. we are committed to providing quality health care to help children with behavioral disabilities by improving activities of daily living and emotional comfort. Our goal is to help clients and educate their families while also raising awareness on behavioral disorders. We strive to ensure clients feel comfortable with the treatment they receive and their results.

Over the years we have continued to train and educate our staff in order to meet the diverse needs of each of the children we serve. Our staff is dedicated to helping each child discover their unique potential. 

Yovany Abreu,
Why Choose Us

Making a difference

Someone who has disabilities finds this world overwhelming. All of the simple things we learn as we age become complex. We want to help children who struggle with responding to both the simple and complex aspects of the world. We strive to see their world and come up with solutions to help them face their challenges and live a life with happy hearts.

Certified Care
We are certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board
Great Staff
Our carers respond every time with a big warm smile.
We provide great attention and care to the smallest of details
We have been considered the best in the industry since its inception
The best activities to nurture, develop, and build a foundation for tomorow
Great Staff

Our Caregivers

Our carers love what they do, and that's what makes them so special.

Our staff is not only experience, they are passionate. They know the difference they make and the positive impact they have on a child and their family. You will always see them with a positive attitude in the morning and a big smile thought the day. In person and hands on with your child and you, guiding every step of the way and making the quality of life for you and your child a little bit better every day.

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