Having a child with a behavior disorder is challenging
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At Abreu Quality Care, we provide health services to children with disabilities. Our mission is to help guide parents through the process of learning how to teach, raise, and work with their children’s growing needs. We focus on parent knowledge and child growth, aiming to understand each child’s behavior so that they are comfortable in our world. We look at what factors undermine a patient’s success, and then we create programs that teach different ways of responding.



Our team of professionals follow a person-centered approach. In other words, we include individuals and family members in the decision-making process. As parents, teachers, trainers, counselors, and friends, we understand how important it is for each voice to be heard. Each perspective gives us a little insight into what shapes your child’s personality. 

Here at Abreu Quality Care, we conduct assessments in different settings because behavior is affected by everything surrounding you. Our team of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) provide applied behavior analysis (ABA). Allowing us to create programs that use a child’s strengths to help them overcome obstacles and provide staff and parent training that help them respond to behaviors. 

Behavior Analyst


Our staff maintains constant contact with the family. We continuously educate you about your child’s behavior and expect you to educate us on how you have been responding to the behavior.

Our analysts oversee the designing and implementation of the program that is created specifically for your child.

  1.     Assessment: An analyst will conduct an assessment that will help our team better understand where specific behaviors are coming from. This lets us see why your child is behaving a certain way and what is blocking him/her from moving forward.
  2.     Measurement: Once we determine the target behavior, the analyst will select a system to track progress. Our staff must collect data in the correct form to help us better understand where the behavior is coming from and what can be done or changed to help your child succeed.
  3.     Intervention: This part of the process includes observing and analyzing which treatment will be most effective based on response. At this stage, we have identified the target behavior and are working towards a solution.
  4.     Implementation: We have analyzed the behavior and found a solution that helps the patient overcome the obstacle that hinders their progress. Here we implement, put to action, all the data we have disclosed. 
  5.     Management and supervision: After establishing a behavior program, the BCBA will supervise and continue to manage the RBT.

Behavior Technician


The registered behavior technician is the individual that will implement the measures, assessments, procedures, and interventions set out by the analyst. They will be in constant contact with the family and will take note of all progress in behavior.

This is the person who you will see the most. An RBT is responsible for:

  • Treatment: We make sure that our programs help children build social and life skills. Once the analyst has come up with a plan, the RBT makes sure that it is followed. 
  • Observing your child’s behavior in all settings. The RBT will implement a one-on-one therapy service in a child’s home, school, or other natural environments. The goal is to minimize disruptive or challenging behavior. 
  • Family Support/Training: He/she will provide support to all the people in the child’s life. We make sure our efforts to improve the target behavior, through our program, are targeted across all of the child’s environments.
  • Incentivize success: The registered behavior technician finds ways to motivate your child if he/she is showing progress. With the goal of significant growth in their lives

A BCBA is responsible for designing and implementing the services that RBTs frequently carried out.

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